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This website was written in compliance with the recommendations of the W3C Consortium for:

HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS2 (Cascading Style Sheet version 2.1)

Valid HTML 4.01 Frameset ← code validated by → CSS Valide !

It does not need any particular technology for displaying properly (i.e. external modules such as: Flash, RealPlayer or other "Plug-Ins").
If the scripting language JavaScript is not activated, the consequence will be that some page footers will not display at the proper location.

The pages were designed to be viewed on a minimum display of type WXGA, in other words, a display area of at least 1280 x 800 pixels - it will not display correctly on a smaller resolution display.

Thorough testing has been done on different platforms, with various versions of operating systems and web browsers.
As a general rule, these tests showed that the pages will not display properly with older browsers that are not compliant with Cascading Style Sheets version 2 or above.

Our recommendations are the following :

MacOS 8.x/9.x: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.1.7, iCab 3.x (Netscape 4.x NOT COMPATIBLE)
MacOS X: Safari all versions, Mozilla Firefox 2.x and above
Windows versions 95 → 2000: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x NOT COMPATIBLE
Windows versions 98 → XP: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Mozilla Firefox 3.x, Safari 3.1, 4.x
Windows Vista: MS Internet Explorer 7,8 and 9, Mozilla Firefox 2.x or above, Safari 3.1 or above
Windows 7: same compatibility as for Windows Vista
Linux: testing was done under Debian (Ubuntu 8, 9, 10, 11) with Mozilla Firefox 3.x or above and Chrome 4/5
Android: partially compatible with the native browser (no audio/video support and some display problems)

Some other marginal browsers were not tested for compatibility because they are only used by a tiny part of our potential visitors.

If you come across some bugs or display anomalies, would you please report them to the Webmaster (including such information as: version of the operating system and type/version of the browser).

Last updated 4/5/2012
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